What Does it Take to Beat the Odds?

Time is short. Demands and expectations are high. At times like these, hiring can seem like a high stakes crapshoot. When your company’s future is on the line, how do you know whom you can trust with your hiring requirements?

At Red Pagoda Resources, we invest time and energy in developing a synergistic relationship with our clients. Our business strategy is underpinned by talented individuals with years of experience, who are dedicated to helping you make successful hiring decisions. Heres how we do it:
   •    We take the time to understand your business, your strategy and what sets you apart from your competitors 
   •    We identify those critical intangibles that ensure great culture fit 
   •    We use a proactive, multi-strand approach to compile a meticulously researched list of passive candidates
   •    We present candid, concise and insightful candidate evaluations so that you can make an informed hiring decision – fast
   •    We facilitate win-win-win agreements among candidate, company and investor(s)
Our team consists of entrepreneurs who have built successful companies. In addition, we have both broad and deep experience in venture capital and private equity as well as years of tactical execution experience in executive search. To paraphrase Peter Drucker, this means that we are both effective and efficient in delivering game-changing talent to our clients: We know how to do the right things and we know how to do things right. Our world-class business expertise enables us to completely and effectively research, define and articulate the critical requirements for success in key vacancies. Our years of experience in talent acquisition means that we can quickly and efficiently produce the candidates that meet our clients’ requirements.
We are also known for the exceptional doggedness and tenacity we bring to every assignment, which means that our clients can be confident that they get the results they expect and require.
Experience, focus and tenacity underpin our promise to our clients: Exceptional candidates, quickly delivered.

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